Meet the committee

Always wondered who makes the GLOC cogs keep turning? Look no further – here’s the merry band of misfits who make up your GLOC Committee.

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Chair – Alan Rickett

alan-r.jpgAlan’s glorious debut for GLOC came as a swashbuckling Cornish pirate. His logical progression from posturing, pinheaded, pirate to pioneering, powerhouse, producer is not purely based on his addiction to aimless, alliteration as an artform. Alan has in the past, produced a fair-to-middling Spaghetti Bolognese as well as an Ikea bedside table direct from flatpack! Alan also has a daughter, although he does acknowledge that this is probably more relevant to reproduction than production.

Really, what could possibly go wrong?

Secretaries – Jonathan Broad & Daniel Clements



Daniel is well versed in the ways of G&S but less so in the ways of London. You may therefore find him staring with horror at the people fighting their way to Holborn station at rush-hour or striding confidently down the street before looking at his phone and abruptly turning around and going in the other direction. He owns a small, fluffy cat.


Treasurer – Vicky Simon

MouseVicky joined GLOC in 2012 for their production of The Sorcerer, playing a lowly housemaid, and has since gone on to appear in such diverse roles as a silent comic stooge, a mouse, a sulky schoolgirl and Hercule Parrot, one of the infamous Parrots of Penzance. After adventurous forays into directing productions of Cox and BoxRuddigore and Iolanthe for GLOC, she has finally ended up on the Committee as Keeper of the Cash Box. She likes cheese, and people who pay their subs on time.


Publicity – Bekah Ashworth & Al Kirby


Bekah and Al’s professional relationship began at school. As the naughty girls at the back of KoKo’s English class, they began to hatch schemes to bring the word of GLOC to the masses, and have been partners in crime ever since.Under their watch, they hope that GLOC will take over the world*.

*Of amateur light opera


Production Managers – Laura Burgoyne & Jane Knox



Knox splits her time between ukulele, GLOC, and travelling to ‘the continent’. Once a flautist, then a bassist, now she mostly sings in a chorus, but is looking forward to crowing in the 2018 winter pantomime.



Production Secretary – Alan Bain

alan b

Fundraising/Social Secretaries – Mary Matthias & Ellis Knight