Meet the committee

Always wondered who makes the GLOC cogs keep turning? Look no further – here’s the merry band of misfits who make up your GLOC Committee.

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Chair – Laura Burgoyne

FB_IMG_1539285474117.jpgLaura joined GLOC in 2013 as lovesick maiden in Patience but all she really fell in love with was GLOC. As well as gadding about on stage in various costumes with various sizes of false eye lashes, Laura has been involved in choreography and panto-writing. Having served on the comittee since 2014, first as secretary and then production, she’s now ready to let other people do the hard work and just sit back and take the credit


Secretary – Ali Dixon 

Ali playing Cousin Hebe in HMS PinaforeA GLOC member since 2009, this is Ali’s second stint as secretary. Over the years she has played a few of the smaller G&S roles and also spent a lot of happy time in the chorus (winning an award for “Most Scene Stealing Chorus Member” in 2012!) She recently tried her hand at directing, which was fun but very tiring so she’s enjoying going back to creating availability spreadsheets, answering emails sent to and making tea.


Treasurer – Vicky Simon

MouseVicky joined GLOC in 2012 for their production of The Sorcerer, playing a lowly housemaid, and has since gone on to appear in such diverse roles as a silent comic stooge, a mouse, a sulky schoolgirl and Hercule Parrot, one of the infamous Parrots of Penzance. After adventurous forays into directing productions of Cox and BoxRuddigore and Iolanthe for GLOC, she has finally ended up on the Committee as Keeper of the Cash Box. She likes cheese, and people who pay their subs on time.

Bekah and JB

Publicity – Bekah Ashworth & Jonathan Broad 

Bekah and Jonathan’s main interests are two-fold: Bringing the joyous word of GLOC to the masses, and going to see other companies’ productions of Iolanthe and discussing in a scrupulously objective manner how Jonathan makes a far better Private Willis than theirs (pictured).

Production Managers – Ian Hillis and Paul Winder


Paul is a newcomer to Musical Theatre having joined GLOC in 2019 for our performance of HMS Pinafore where he covered the role of Dick Deadeye. Paul also sings in a local Community Choir as well as in the worship band for Greater Life Church in Staines. Paul’s other interests include Rugby (Union and League) and, together with his wife, supports a number of charities which support underprivileged children.

Ian is joint production secretary having been with GLOC 6 years. In that time he has transported props, sewn badges on costumes and built various bits of sets. So he is looking forward to the challenges of the upcoming year. While on stage, he has acted as Olde Adam (Ruddigore), Guron (Princess Ida) and Cogsworth (Beauty and the Beast).

Production Secretary – Alan Bain

alan b

Alan joined GLOC very tentatively for the Mikado back in 2014. He hasn’t looked back since. He has been involved in some capacity in each subsequent Summer show and played an intellectually challenged panto frog henchman and very unintelligent brother in Ida. Many hours of his life have been spent designing and building ghostly apparatus, rocky
mountains, boats on rails and even a bridge. So far none of them have fallen down although the boat once cowered in the wings with stage fright! His most embarrassing moment on stage was thankfully not in a Gloc production; but in a Così when he tripped on the stairs while carrying a tray of glasses filled with (real) champagne which flooded the stage…..

Fundraising/Social Secretaries – positions available. Please email if you could help us out!