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Meet the committee

Always wondered who makes the GLOC cogs keep turning? Look no further – here’s the merry band of misfits who make up your GLOC committee.

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Chair: Mark Pim

Mark has been involved with G&S from a young age (when he would re-enact The Pirates of Penzance in his living room) and has performed or directed with a number of groups, including at the University of York, NewLOG and Imperial Productions, taking roles as diverse as ‘junior policeman with photo of Victoria Beckham’, a Duke and a Colonel (not at the same time), two sailors, a First Life Guard, musical and artistic director, follow spot operator, stage manager, band member, orchestrator and videographer (including a Star Trek/Ruddigore crossover that most people involved would likely prefer to forget). The Gondoliers in 2021 was Mark’s first GLOC show.

Secretary / social events & fundraising: Jacqueline Cable

Jacqueline joined GLOC in early 2020 and the first thing anyone said to her was ‘do you like red wine?’ – it was at that moment she knew she would fit right in! Due to the disruption of lockdown, Jacqueline ended up joining the committee before she’d even been able to perform in her first GLOC show, and has now performed in The Gondoliers, The Sorcerer, The Grand Duke and Trial by Jury. She is currently (trying) to learn ballet for The Yeomen of the Guard!

Production: Gemma Warren

Gemma got into Gilbert and Sullivan at a very young age watching her parents perform in Brussels G&S society (now BLOC). She then foolishly forgot about it when she went to university, spending many years in a non-G&S wilderness before joining GLOC where The Gondoliers was her first show.

Treasurer: James Scowen

Having failed to get into Cabaret, James joined his university G&S society – a scorn-worthy second best for the young and foolish student (see photo). However, he had the time of his life, saw his error, and has been a participant and fan of theatre, musicals and light opera ever since. Loving both show business and show people, he is proud to be GLOC’s treasurer, preserving and growing this fine institution.

Secretary / social events & fundraising: Emma Rettie

Emma joined GLOC in early 2021 since then has trod the boards as the Duchess of Plaza-Toro (The Gondoliers), Constance (The Sorceror) and the Baroness von Krakenfeldt (The Grand Duke). She often has a gin in her hand and a song in her heart (the former may well have led to her volunteering as social secretary). Emma looks forward to a show season packed with picnics, pub crawls and… something else beginning with ‘p’. Pole dancing, perhaps? Parkour?… Are you sure we can’t do Pirates? It would make this whole thing a lot easier. Ah, I have it! Piano bars! Take that, Gilbert!

Publicity / social events & fundraising: Fran Lambert

Fran grew up in an am-dram household, often accompanying her parents to rehearsals as a child and alternating between turning pages for her pianist mum and singing in the chorus with her dad. G&S stood out even then, and favourites include Iolanthe (first fairy on the stage, woo!), Ruddigore and The Pirates of Penzance. Fran is excited to be playing a Yeoman Warder in GLOC’s latest production, The Yeomen of the Guard, and cannot wait to don a glorious beard.

Angels secretary: Lissy Fothergill

Lissy is a massive G&S enthusiast. She has been performing in the canon of operettas since she was 11 and has been watching them since she was three. Consequently, it is a great privilege for her to be on the committee of GLOC representing the Angels and Archangels, our chief sponsors. Outside her love of G&S, Lissy works as a Hospital Optometrist, loves going to the theatre, and tea and cake.

Ordinary member: Jonathan Broad

Jonathan joined GLOC in 2014 for its production of The Mikado after watching and enjoying a particularly madcap cabaret the company had put on at the International G&S Festival the year before. He has since carved out his own particular niche within GLOC shows as ‘tall chorus member whose costume almost fits him’. His Private Willis in Iolanthe caused his mother to be ‘pleasantly surprised’. A seasoned committee member, Jonathan is responsible for keeping order at meetings and the rest of us in check!