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Gilbert & Sullivan’s magical tale of mystical love-potions, jealousy and well-brewed tea, The Sorcerer returns to London this summer, performed by Grosvenor Light Opera Company – London’s Leading Amateur G&S Company. Read below to find out more about our production, or click the link above to buy tickets!

The Sorcerer is Gilbert and Sullivan’s third collaboration and their first full-length operetta.  It had a run of 175 performances, which seems short only compared to the extraordinarily long runs later Gilbert and Sullivan shows were to achieve.  Gilbert and Sullivan revived it in 1884, taking advantage of their greater dramatic experience to make revisions, most notably scrapping the opening chorus of Act II and replacing it with the opening we know and love today.

The music

Have a listen to the excerpts below to get a preview of the music from the show, performed by the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company – the company who premiered all of Gilbert and Sullivan’s shows.

The show

Welcome to Ploverleigh! Fancy a cuppa?  

Alexis Pointdextre and Aline Sangazure, the county’s It Couple, are deeply in love and are celebrating their engagement.  Convinced that it would be a vast improvement for everyone in the village to experience the same joy, Alexis engages the services of John Wellington Wells, a sorcerer from a respectable London firm, to administer a love potion unsuspectingly to the entire village.  Almost immediately after unknowingly imbibing the potion, the whole community falls asleep en masse only to wake up head over heels in love with the first person they see.  A happily-ever-after for all!  Right?  

….Wrong!  Unsurprisingly, complications abound, and it is only by extreme means that the spell can be undone.  

The Sorcerer is a brilliant, buoyant, boisterous show about Love:  love found, love lost,  love unrequited, love requited, love required, love gained,  and love won, with a healthy dose of magic along the way and cracking tunes throughout!  So come on down! We can’t wait for you to join us in Ploverleigh! 

Take a look at some of our cast in rehearsal and some show photos!

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