Treasure Island – A Pirate Panto - Grosvenor Light Opera Company

Treasure Island – A Pirate Panto

Come and join the annual Gloc panto fun on Thu 5th or Fri 6th December 7.30pm at Churchill Gardens Residents Association Hall! Note the correct postcode is SW1V 3AL not as shown in some old versions of the poster! Get your tickets now

2 thoughts on “Treasure Island – A Pirate Panto

  1. Your website appears to show the wrong postcode for Churchill Gardens. It gives SW18 3AL. Using a postcode checker I think it is SW1V 3AL. This may cause your audiences some confusion in du ding you later in the week as so many now rely on mobile phone apps. The post code is not on the online tickets, either. I only noticed as I was considering doing something beforehand and checking out travel times.

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