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If G&S did Eurovision…

By Mark Pim, with suggestions from Emma Rettie and Jonathan Broad

Unfortunately time – and good taste – prevented Gilbert and Sullivan from ever writing a Eurovision song. But if they had done for some of their characters, what might they have sung?

(Get ready for some torturous G&S puns. Although some of these work suprisingly well as is)

Flying the Flag (For You) sung by The Pirate King

Oh, better far to live and die
Under the brave black flag I fly
all over the world
Flying the flag for you


Diva sung by Yum-Yum

Can this be vanity?

Puppet on a string sung by Lady Jane

If you say you love me aesthetically, I’ll poetically
Be there
Like a puppet on a string

Take me to your heaven sung by Thespis

With the score for Thespis lost, who’s to say this didn’t feature as a solo for the title character?

Save your kisses for me sung by Alexis

‘My dear, you will save all your kisses for me if you please while dancing a jaunty routine’
‘I’m sure Dr. Daly would disapprove of it’

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Waterloo – sung by Phoebe (to Wilfred)

Wilfred – couldn’t escape if I wanted to
Wilfred – knowing my fate is to be with you

Rise like a phoenix sung by Sir Roderic Murgatroyd

Now all I want to see is When the night wind howls performed in a camp Eurovision style!

Making your mind up sung by Edwin (the defendent)

But if you wanna see some more
Bending the rules of the game
Will let you find the one you’re looking for
And then you can show that you think you know
You’re making your mind up

Hold me now sung by Luiz and Casilda

Just hold me now
And I will know
Though we’re apart
We’ll always be together

Tu te reconnaîtras (you’ll recognize yourself) sung by Hilarion, Cyril, Florian, Melissa and Lady Psyche

Slightly tenuous? Yes. There are a lot of shows to find Eurovision songs for

Better the devil you know sung by Ludwig and Rudolph

Baby, don’t do things that make me blue
You know my love is always true
Baby, don’t do things that take their toll
Like make me eat a sausage roll

Ne partez pas sans moi (don’t leave without me) sung by Leila and Celia

If there’s anyone who could have stopped the Peers from leaving, it’s Celine

Congratulations sung by Ralph and Josephine

I was afraid that maybe you thought you were above me
That I was only fooling myself to think you’d love me
But then tonight you said you couldn’t live without me
That round about me you wanted to stay

Boom-bang-a-bang sung by Tarara

He’ll go up –
Blown up with dynamite!

Boom bang-a-bang-bang all the time

Bonus entry – My Lovely Horse sung by Major General Stanley